The Wonderlic practice test has 50 questions and 12 minutes to complete.

Wonderlic questions are broken down into 4 sections: English Knowledge – 38%.

. This assessment is the most popular of Wonderlic’s pre-employment tests.


Gain an advantage over your competition by taking 5 full practice tests that look just like the exam you will be taking.

For example a question may ask you to. . .

Many people do not finish all of the questions.

. The test is used to assess your problem solving abilities and how well you perform under pressure. .

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The predictive results of Wonderlic Select (formerly WonScore) identify high-potential candidates who will be the best fit for your roles. Our quick sample IQ test is a 25-question multiple-choice test designed to give you a sense of the types of questions found on a typical IQ test.

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There are 50 multiple choice questions on.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the perfect job suddenly appears.

The structure of vocab tests can be different, but will often ask you questions about the similarity of words, the use of words in a sentence, or the proper version of a similar word.

You will receive incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your. . Wonderlic questions are broken down into 4 sections: English Knowledge – 38%.

Review the answer explanations at the end of our free Wonderlic practice test for more information on each question. . . practice with accurate preparation materials will get you to the level you are after. .

The Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory is a 150 multiple-choice test which gives the employer a picture of your personality traits and if they match the target job.

In order to finish the Wonderlic test on time, you will need to answer each question within 14 seconds. The Wonderlic Personel test, also known just as the Wonderlic, is a simple cognitive ability assessment that essentially functions as an I.


Free Wonderlic Practice Test, Sample Questions & Tips – 2023’s Study Guide.


Quick Practice Test.

The test package is designed by Wonderlic – a pre-hiring assessment platform that helps employers find the most likely-to-succeed candidates for specific job roles.